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About Rock Paper Jewels

Hi, I'm Sarah, designer of Rock Paper Jewels! I'm a Bay Area native and currently live in Oakland after a stint on the East Coast. Access to the Redwoods and the flowers in my backyard constantly inspire me.

Ever since I was little I loved working with my hands. I would go to bead stores with my mom to find the perfect materials to make jewelry and small sculptures. The feeling of holding something tangible that I've made has always given me the best feeling of pride.

I create jewelry to bring something new into the world, something that's never been seen before. I do this by putting elements together in a new way.  My favorite jewelry to make is always light and moves with the body. I focus on using sustainable materials in beautiful colors and shapes.

Now it gives me great pleasure when others wear my jewelry. My intention with my jewelry is to make you happy so that you experience joy and satisfaction when you wear it. Whether it's a necklace or a wedding band, I want you to love what I make and want to wear it every day.