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Hand Knotted Candy Necklace with Natural Ombre Moonstones and Paper Beads

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Hand knotted candy necklace with natural ombre moonstones in a stunning gradient of oranges and grays. Designed with handmade paper beads and a sterling silver clasp.

The necklace is 19.5" long.

All of the paper beads are handmade by me! I always strive for a piece to look effortless and easy to wear. Each paper bead is unique and will have slight variations to the pictures. The paper beads are water resistant from a coat of resin.

Each item is made to order by hand. Items ship 3 business days from purchase.

Thank you so much for visiting our online collection with unique designs that are handmade for you with love. Your new favorite lightweight mixed media fun colorful jewelry is here!

Contact me for any questions or to discuss customization